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2012 Ford Mustang Shelby Gt500 Super Snake 800HP


2012 Ford Mustang Shelby Gt500 Super Snake 800HP

Ron N.

Buying larger cost items always has it's stress. Being able to find a product is one part of it. The other part is working with someone who isn't just in it for the buck.

Baron Elite Warehouse provides one of those rare and unique experiences where you can purchase a great product that has been vetted with a reasonable price, and an above average honest exchange.

I highly recommend Baron Elite Warehouse for anyone looking for someone who truly cares!

Albert H.

Baron Elite Classy elegant Suave auto sales dealer in all of South California. I truly love the honesty and integrity of the owner and salesman A. HOSSEINI.  All around just a good solid man standup guy I love his honesty and integrity and I bought a car And gained a friend. Bernalillo is my go to car dealership from here on out he can find you anything your heart desires if your wallet and can pay for it so come on down and see my friend apparently I promise you’ll be satisfied thank you for the G 35 the best looking one in  all in of Upland.

Marsha H.

It was a no pressure experience. He was very knowledgeable and shared the information on the vehicle's past. He told us up front the price and they don't haggle with the price. The price was responsible, below book value. It was a very clean facility. We would not hesitate to return and buy another vehicle or recommend to others.

Connor W.

An honest and genuine experience that is better than any large brand dealership. Three cars purchased so far and the next one will be from here.

Wendie C.

Above and Beyond Service! I was recommended to go to Baron Elite regarding selling my car which is a 2007 Ford.  For years, I struggled with a my oil light staying on, the oil sensor and my engine running rough.  Mr. Hosseini inspected my car, took it for a test drive and found the root of the problems quick.  For years, I took my car to the dealerships and auto mechanics and no one was able to solve the problems. Mr. Hosseini was kind to drain my oil, put thicker oil, change my senor, take it for a few test drives.  The check engine light was gone and the car now runs great! His attention to detail with this car helped me pass my smog for DMV too. The car is now ready for sale! If it wasn't for Mr. Hosseini taking his time to look at the car and finding the problems, I would still be struggling with trying to  fix the car and selling it. I highly recommend Mr. Hosseini. He knows his cars and will be honest if you are trying to buy or sell your car.  He displayed excellent customer service and is very personable. I am very thankful that I came here.

Gaylene B.

Got a good deal. Love my Fiat! He's a great guy and very knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable making my purchase. He is honest and upfront about his pricing. Would definately go back to make a future purchase. Thank you for my fun little car.

Jessica F.

This establishment is exactly how buying a car should be. We showed up with no appointment, talked to Arian, test drove a car and purchased said car all in 1 hours time. Arian is extremely knowledgeable about all types of cars and he is  professional and honest about his inventory. He has great deals and very clean cars; please visit him if you want a hassle-free car buying experience!

Joshua W.

Shopping at Baron Elite was an absolute pleasure. My wife and I went to check out a Fiat 500e, and the straightforward process was a nice change from most dealers. The inventory was varied, and all in fantastic condition. I would not hesitate to recommend Baron Elite to anyone.

Haik D.

Awesome place to buy a car, good and honest people


Eddie T.

We drove down to Baron Elite Auto from San Francisco on 12/14/2019. Arian greeted us with a warm hospitality that we have not seen in dealerships in the Bay Area. Arian's honesty, professionalism, integrity and friendliness helped brighten our day on that cold and wet Saturday. My wife and I were able to find the perfect car for her at a great deal! Was driving a couple hundred miles to look for a car crazy? Yes. Would we ever do it again when we need to find another car? For Arian at Baron Elite Auto, in a heartbeat!

Phannuel L.

Very cordial, honest and professional

Ms. Jerry

I drove for 2 hours to get to Baron Elite Auto. The cars that are being displayed and sold are very clean, (look even show quality) Very nice. Arian was very Friendly, Humble, Honest, Courteous, Respectful, Informative and very Patient. The whole experience was very well worth the 2 hour drive. If I need another good quality used car, I will definitely look his way first....

Ray S.

What a great dealership! Low overhead and well ran so you will get the best price possible. I will definitely be buying another vehicle from Baron Elite! I am so thankful that I met the owner! Arian, the owner, went above and beyond to help me buy a work truck and it was not the most expensive work truck; we settled around $6700, but he treated me with customer service like it was a $100,000 vehicle. I got a great deal on a work truck and amazing customer service also! Great buying experience and an overall honest company!

Joseph B.

So glad I found Baron Elite. I bought a Toyota yaris for my daughter and Arian was very helpful and attentive to our questions!!! 100% percent satisfied.   Thank you !!!

Katarina F.

Arian's warehouse is a hidden gem! It was a pure joy to do business with Arian and if you like classic cars, this is the place for rare finds. He went above and beyond to have my car detailed before I picked it up and it looked amazing.

Jim O.

Was an awesome experience buying a fine quality used car.  The owner, Arian, is extremely personable and worked hard on my behalf.  Great car, great price, and a very enjoyable experience.  Isn't that something??!!... an enjoyable car buying experience!  He makes you feel important!  I highly recommend Baron Elite!  AND... if he doesn't have what you want, he'll get it for you.

Fielding S.

Arain really impressed me with his ability to make the buying of  the car process as smooth as possible.  I admire his integrity for holding onto the car till I was able to drive long distance to get it And sold it to me for less then what he could have sold the car.
Really nice guy!!!

James M.

Always have had a great experience here, always have great vehicles and will continue to stay in contact

O'Mahony Air Conditioning and Heating

Located at the intersection of Honesty & Integrity.

Kee S.

It was one of the Best experience I’ve ever had a personal/private Dealership. They had me in and out in no time. My truck was super clean just like it was online. They were the best and I was even able to meet the original owner.

Rachel G.

I felt more comfortable buying a car here than at a reputable car dealership. Arian is very knowledgeable and doesn't push you into buying a car. I called a few months after buying a car from him and he was very nice about answering questions about my car. I would definitely buy another car from here.

Jonathan (Cargurus)

Very professional highly recommend if your looking for a reliable vehicle

Gerard (Cargurus Reviewer)

Exceptional young man who operates this dealership Aerial, I believe that is his name. He helped me look for the right vehicle for my needs He was very patient with me.

Ron G.

Awesome experience and probably the easiest car purchase by far. Honest and very helpful with everything related to the car. He even made sure all the recalls were taken car of before we picked the BMW up. Again thank you Baron Elite.

Joe K.

Adrian was outstanding!  Well price vehicle and communication was excellent.  If you go to the website and see a vehicle you like, you can be assured you will get a fair deal in a quick and professional manner.



Josheph B.

So glad I found Baron Elite. I bought a Toyota yaris for my daughter and Arian was very helpful and attentive to our questions!!! 100% percent satisfied.   Thank you !!!



Richard V.

Just got home with my new 2004 Honda Element. I've been looking for a solid Element for almost a year and Baron Elite (Arian) found me the perfect vehicle.  He actually went so far as to ask an old customer if he wanted to sell the Element he purchased a little over a year ago. Arian knew what I wanted and he found it. His many automotive resources made the purchase a "no brainer" since he easily and efficiently was able to fix some minor issues with the car. If you want to deal with an honest, reliable dealer who knows cars and will work for you to find the best fit for your driving needs, Baron Elite should be at the top of your list.  Five stars isn't enough!

Isaac D. (1 Star Reviewer and Our Reply)

I stumbled across this place last minute when I was looking to purchase a vehicle, I apologized to Arian for not having a appointment but he did let me take a look at the vehicle I inquired about.  Long story short, we sat down and talked some numbers as I was going over some car history reports, and I said that I would like to make a offer to buy the vehicle, but he was quick to interrupt me and stated that "this dealer wasn't like any other scumbag dealer, and they don't do that kind of stuff here " ..... little did he know I had the full amount on me what he was asking for the vehicle and , was going to make him a full price offer.


Response Comment from Arian B. of Baron Elite Warehouse Auto Sales 
Business Owner

3/5/2019  Hey Isaac,

This review just about made me laugh as hard as your girlfriend did when I politely told you I was not negotiable on the price of the 04 Tacoma. Your claim that I stated, "this dealer wasn't like any other scumbag dealer, and they don't do that kind of stuff here" is totally true. I did say that and happily stand behind it but you completely misrepresented it without explaining the context. I will go ahead and do so now to fairly show the public that this 1 star review should actually be a 5 star, and I hope you leave this review up for the public to see.

You showed up to my shop knowing that you needed to set up an appointment to test drive a vehicle for sale, and chose to show up unannounced anyways. I was happy and lucky to be able to accommodate for you even though you showed up during another customer's scheduled appointment. After spending considerable time looking around the Tacoma you took it on a nice test drive and came back both happy and excited about the truck. You asked to see the history report at which time we came to my office and I showed you the history report, the passing smog test, the vehicles California title, and my safety inspection paperwork.

After looking over the entire truck very carefully inside and out, going through all the paperwork, and going through the itemized price breakdown you then told me, "I would like to make you an offer" for the truck. At this point without hesitation I said, "no thank you" and your girlfriend literally laughed out loud because I did not hesitate. I was not rude or saying it in a way to be funny. Immediately after you still continued to try and make me an offer on the Tacoma at which point I repeated to you that I was not willing to negotiate on the price, explained why I did not want to negotiate, you explained that you knew the price was fair, and then I went on to explain that I do not conduct my business like most scumbag dealers do. The "scumbag" part you referenced to above was in direct reference to dealers who have a built in negotiation margin in their advertised vehicle pricing, which is ultimately giving the consumer a false sense of negotiating. I choose to avoid these types of scumbag car dealer tactics throughout my business, and even shared it with you as I do with any client to hopefully increase your awareness of how scumbag dealers operate. 

If your claim was true that you wanted to make a "full price offer" then you would already have this beautiful truck at home and I would be out searching for another to replace it. It was a pleasure to have both of you at the shop, but this review simply makes no sense to me. If I can be of assistance in the future or if you would like to discuss this further feel free to reach out, thank you. 


Arian B. Hosseini, Owner

Joel P.

Super easy used car purchase!  My girlfriend and I bought a Fiat 500e and it was our first time with an electric and he was quite knowledgeable and answered all our questions and we never felt uncomfortable.  The was car priced very competitively and the service was great.  Thank you!

Kyle B.

Honestly cant say enough about how amazing Arian and Baron Elite are. I recently bought a 2011 VW GTI from him, and it was painless. He knew everything about the car, had all the service records, and answered all of the questions I had with ease. 10/10 will be buying another vehicle from him in the near future, and absolutely trust him do right by anybody that decides to buy from him.

Jonathan B.

"No review left, simply 5 stars" Via Google Reviews

Jeffery B.

Fantastic customer service! Clean used cars at very reasonable prices.

Caleb L.

Had the best car buying experience I’ve ever had here at Baron elite and the owner of the shop won’t let you down , he tailored my car and the experience there great , felt like I was at home . Thank you again, I will most definitely recommend everyone I know interested in buying a car to Baron elite !

George (Via Cargurus)

great guy fast response but a little out of my budget, but great service

Maria M.

When I came to Baron Elite to view a car, I'm certain my fear and ignorance were quite apparent.  Yet Arian did the unexpected.  He didn't shame or try to take advantage.  He met me where I was at.  He treated me like a friend, walked me through the steps and answered every gnawing question (and I can assure you there were a lot).  Arian is professional, honest, and relatable. You can tell he loves what he does; but at the same time he values people first.  
After business at Baron Elite, you'll walk (or drive) away happy with both the product and the experience. 
It's been almost a year later and I'm still very much in love with my vehicle

Melody (Via Cargurus)

Contacted the dealer through CarGurus regarding a specific vehicle.Although the car had been sold,Baron Elite contacted me promptly and invited me to watch their website for similiar cars.I appreciared the quick response.

Milia (Via Cargurus)

I did not end up purchasing this vehicle BUT Arian was fantastic, welcoming and so helpful. He was very professional and willing to give advice on future vehicles and how to deal with different types of businesses while on my car hunt. I would absolutely got to him first when looking for another car.

Art P.

My wife and I were looking for a graduation gift for our son and after almost a day of looking around, we came across Baron Elite. Got a call back within minutes and set up an appointment. Arian helped us a lot in deciding which car to get but not in the usual dealer way. I consider my self a patient man but Arian takes it to another level! He gave me and my wife the space and time we needed to make a decision and helped us pick the right car for our son, we never felt pressured, and this was like late in the evening after test driving a couple of cars, going back and forth with our decision, and him being under the weather and losing his voice! Arian made the whole car buying experience an extremely pleasant one! I would definitely recommend checking out Baron Elite next time you're in search for a car.

Rdlpweddings (via cargurus)

They got right back to me

Christopher S.

Arian runs one hell of a business. After looking for a Ford Ranger for months I cane across one of his listings and gave him a call. Straight off the bat he talks to you like a friend rather than a car dealer. Customer service is hands down a 12/10. He wont try and empty your pockets and try to pressure you into a deal. Hell be 100% straight up and honest with you. I wish every dealership would learn from this guy. My family and I will be back for more business with him in the future.

Alan D.

Arian was a total professional through out the process 
He he also a real car enthusiasts and makes it a great experience to purchase a car
He's honest about the vehicle and explains the details so you understand the car you are interested in
Highly recommend

Laura (Via Gargurus)

They got right back to me (5 Star Rating)

Brett (Via Cargurus)

Baron was great - super personable and the antithesis of what most expect in a car buying experience. I would definitely buy from him again

Cece B.

No review left, only 5/5 Stars via Google Reviews.


Caden M.

Super bad ass cars

Antonia P.

Arian was amazing to work with, so honest and helpful, his warehouse is immaculate, and he really made buying a car easy and pleasant.

Nick H.

Immaculate service and extremely genuine dude. First time buying a car and had the best possible experience. Thanks again!!! 5 stars all the way!

Chris S.

Have to say one of my best experiences purchasing a car ever. I purchased a Mercedes Benz 2005 C230 Kompressor. There was no pressure his business is very professional his facilities are super clean. I would definitely do business again. Thank you again love the vehicle.

Naoise M.

I used CarGurus to search for a used Volkswagen Beetle and it led me to Arian at Baron Elite and I'm still so bowled over with the amazing service I received! Arian is a true professional and you couldn't meet a nicer, more pleasant guy--he found me the perfect car for my needs and budget, and took care of absolutely everything from DMV paperwork to smog check to title transfer. He even went so far as to send a car to pick me up from the train station when I came out from LA to pick up my new Beetle. Arian goes above and beyond for each and every one of his customers, always with a smile and reassurance. If you're looking for a car in SoCal, go to Baron Elite--you'll be so glad you did!

GuruD5TY3 (Via Cargurus)

Very quick reply and convenient schedules to meet one-on-one for personal appointmens.

Nicholas H.

Immaculate service and extremely genuine dude. First time buying a car and had the best possible experience. Thanks again!!! 5 stars all the way!

Gerald T.

Buying my car from Arian at Baron Elite was one of the best car buying experiences I've ever had. He was a no pressure salesman, but also a no nonsense car lover at the same time. I especially appreciated this when I found a car I really liked, and he went over all the pros and cons with me on the make, model and year. He knows his stuff! I actually went to see a different car he had, and I flat out told him I didn't love it. He completely understood and agreed that if I didn't love it, I shouldn't buy it. He mentioned he had another vehicle in waiting that he was working on and I immediately knew I wanted it when I saw it. I agreed to buy it when it was ready, and he had no problem agreeing to that, giving me a GREAT price and keeping me updated regularly on its progress. None of those things he HAD to do, but he did. It goes to show he's an honest guy, trustworthy guy, and he enjoys his "job". I think it's his passion to be honest. Great guy, great place, SUPERB customer service. Do yourself a favor and give him a call if you're in the market for a car. You won't be disappointed.

Techno P.

No review left, only 5/5 Stars via Google Reviews.

Jasmin H.

No review left, only 5/5 Stars via Google Reviews.


Alan R.

No pressure sales. Pleasure to do business with. Genuinely decent guy.

Carlos P.

Oct 2017, I purchased a 2013 Chevy volt from Baron Elite Warehouse, a few days later I noticed the heater did not operate. I did call to mention the problem, Mr. Hosseini did acknowledge my complaint. Being that the weather was warm, and not needing the heat, I let some time pass, (5 months) until I really needed it. I took the volt to a local dealer , the problem is fixed, all good. I contacted  Mr. Hosseini to ask if he would consider reimbursing me toward the cost. He did not hesitate to help me out, even though technically he did not have to. Mr. Hosseini is a stand up man, who backs his product. I'd gladly do business with him again.

Amir F.

I purchased my car from them, truthfully I experience Super outstanding service.

Donna S.

Great service! I highly recommend Baron Elite Warehouse, Arian provided great service. My husband and I had been looking for a safe reasonably priced car for our son to go to work and school. We had looked at many different used cars. We were getting very discouraged at what was available that met our criteria. Baron Elite met everything we needed. Arian made the car buying process go very smooth. My son is very happy with the car we purchased for him. As a family we will return when we need another car.

Doug (Via Cargurus)

Emailed Baron Elite about a vehicle. Arian emailed me back the next day. Set up an appointment and viewed and tested the vehicle. Arian was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He showed me a history and safety report for the vehicle. Arian did not negotiate the price.... but the vehicle was very clean and priced reasonably compared to others.... so I bought the vehicle....without a warranty..... standard practice for used cars of this age and mileage. The vehicle didn't come with an owners manual. He offered to buy one and have it shipped to me. About a week later, an airbag warning light came on. I contacted Arian and he offered to do a computer check to see what was the problem. Turned out to be a seat belt buckle electrical connection. Since I bought the vehicle without warranty..... he offered to me, that I buy the part at his cost, and he would install it free. I thought that was very reasonable. It shows to me that he goes beyond the sale and is interested in customer satisfaction. I would recommend Baron Elite.

Joey (Via Cargurus)

Great Service!

Alistair D.

wow. just wow. my car buying experience here at baron elite was phenomenal. i searched for a lexus CT200h on cargurus and found a good number of them. i checked out at least 4 other cars at different dealerships but they all seemed sketchy. i almost purchased from another dealership but they kept me waiting for hours and kept passing me around from sales rep to sales rep to when i finally said screw it im leaving. i'm so glad i did because i came across this place. i called baron elite and arian answered the phone. i told him i'd like to check out the lexus CT he had and that i'll be over in a couple of hours. when i got there, arian greeted me and i honestly was expecting this place to be just another dealership filled with sales reps trying to sell me different cars. but i was wrong! arian was very welcoming. i felt no pressure at all, it felt like i was talking to my uncle or a close family friend. i got a great deal on my lexus and the purchase went smoothly. it was totally hassle-free and i really felt at comfortable and confident buying from arian. if i had to buy another car i would definitely come back here and i would highly recommend this place if anyone is looking for a vehicle. this is not your average dealership or car buying experience. this is how car buying should be! other places should take a page out of arians book! he knows how to treat his customers with integrity and respect. hats off to you arian. and thank you again for the pleasant experience!

Mike L.

Where do I start... My wife and I were looking to find a second vehicle, and we came upon Baron Elite off CarGurus for the 2013 Chevrolet Volt. So still recovering from my first soul wound from buying my first vehicle at a Moss Brothers Toyota, I was expecting the same ol' pushy sales pitch, "finance managers, " and feeling like I'm a contestant on "Deal or No Deal." But I was wrong. Arian, from Baron Elite, is not cut from the same cloth as other dealership/stealerships. When I first read his Yelp reviews, I actually was weary of these reviews being fabricated. And again, I was wrong. It was like doing business with your uncle from your mom's side, knowing full well that if there was any malicious transaction made with your uncle, mom was going to get on him. Our car buying experience actually felt like we were buying from family. Arian truly is one of the last few left that will operate with integrity and conviction. What we paid for our 2013 Chevy Volt Premium was well in the fair range for the vehicle. To be honest, if we were looking to buy another vehicle in the future, we would absolutely consider going back to Baron Elite fully knowing that we will be dealt with fairly. Thank you Arian for providing exceptional, genuine, and upstanding service. You have convinced me that you don't have to have a headache when it comes to purchasing a car.

Joseph W.

Found my 2012 BMW 328i here! It is a great experience and you'll never deal with somebody nicer. He will try to work with you and there's absolutely no pressure when you get there. I got really lucky coming here. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Definitely going to come back again one day for another car.

Lita (Via Cargurus)

Creating I have had several conversations regarding this car. I hope this is a reliable company. The reviews are very good. Dealer willing to help provide referrals regarding transport service aswell.

William (Via Cargurus)

Timely response provided by Owner. Thank you.

Mark P.

Great service and. My next vehicle will be from there!

Mike P.

I used CarGurus to look for my Honda S2000 which brought me to Baron Elite. Upon contacting Baron Elite, Arian replied back promptly and provided his contact info and gave me details about the car. I scheduled to check out the car and test drive it the following day. When I arrived, the car was parked outside so I was able to check out the car until he showed up. I immediately fell in love with the car as it was my dream car for a while. Arian is very knowledgeable about cars and explained everything that was done to the car and provided all the documentations. The car ran great and I made the purchase. The transaction and paperwork went through smooth and painless and I was able to drive off with my dream car! I would recommend Baron Elite if you're looking to buy good quality cars!

Side note: Arian has a pretty good car collection. If you like cars, take a peek at what he had in storage. He showed us the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 V Spec and I almost died lol

Adam via Cargurus

Thank you very much for the guidance in finding a car! Even though I didn't end up purchasing here Arean answered all my questions and gave me great advice!

"Alicia and Family" Anonymous via Cargurus

Prompt and professional. Brought us pastries when we met to purchase the vehicle. Purchased the vehicle! (Subaru Outback 2.5XT Sale)

Danny (1 star review on Cargurus and Our response)

Commenters Review on Cargurus:

"Well I felt that I was the first one to contact the dealer. they did not re- contact me till I actually called them a few days later( two attempts!) by that time the car was sold? was very disappointed they said they had sold the car earlier that week which was after.... I had first made an attempt to contact them. So another words I did not get a chance to buy the car! So what good is it to try to contact somebody on your service if they do not respond in a timely manner! There is a gold star of one rating because I could not give anything lower."


Baron Elite Response:


"Hello Danny,

I apologize that you feel as if you had been taken advantage of and not sold the vehicle based on being the first person to respond to our advertising. Unfortunately, you are basing your unhappiness (and 1 star review) on assumption and not on actual truth. This was also cleared up for you when you called my shop "2 days later" and I explained to you very politely that the car was spoken for and that you were not the first person to contact us. You refused to listen and rudely started to argue that you were the first person to respond to the advertising and that meant you should have first opportunity.

The vehicle was originally posted for sale on September 5. You sent an inquiry through Cargurus on September 9th at 8:20pm. This inquiry you sent to us simply had the statement, "Im interested in your car." You did not include contact information in that inquiry for us to call or email you directly, and I did respond to that inquiry through Cargurus anonymous email system. This was the only way to respond to your inquiry because you did not include any contact information. You did not respond to that email, or contact us for 2 further days as you stated above.

Before closing time on Sept 5 we had 3 different people willing to commit to buy over the phone, and as always we gave the first customers who contacted us first right of refusal. The first gentleman who contacted us could not come up with the proper funds to purchase the vehicle, and ultimately the second person who contacted us ended up taking the vehicle home.

I personally put a lot of effort and time into fairly treating my customers, and always try to be as fair as possible. This industry has a stigma for greed and dishonesty, and if you speak with any of my prior customers you will realize that this is something I do not tolerate. Please feel free to read through our other reviews on Google and Yelp to get an idea of how I do business and to assure you that you are simply mistaken.

This is the first 1 star review I have ever received, and as such I will remember it very clearly. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth after consistently doing what is fair for the customer even when it negatively affects my business. I would suggest in the future if there is a vehicle you want as badly as this, you should call the seller directly on day one and not wait. Also, contact information is a must if an online inquiry is sent so the seller can respond promptly.

Thank you Cargurus for providing such a wonderful platform and for allowing us to respond to customer reviews. I understand negative reviews are a necessity to create a safe purchasing experience for customers, but also understand not all reviews are based on truth.

Thank you.

Arian B. Hosseini
Owner of Baron Elite"

Shalate J.

The best car buying experience I've ever had. I was well taken care of and I felt like I was being catered to in finding the car of my dreams. I purchased what I was looking for, no pressure and the paperwork process was easy. I am for sure purchasing from Baron Elite in the future. The best customer service I've EVER received.

Guru937J9 (CarGurus Review)

Arian was very responsive and kept me up to date about the car I was interested in. I will use Baron Elite again.

Joshua Y.

Just wanna give a shout out to my "ohana" from another mama...Arian. Almost a year ago he hooked me up with a great reliable & practical Honda Element that hasn't let me down yet. Love that car! We didn't even plan to buy it but Baron Elite has such a diverse, extensive & revolving inventory that we discovered it serendipitously.

If you are looking for a specific make & model, Arian will guide you through the process & make sure that you get a "solid" vehicle. #hawaiivernacular

He is very knowledgeable & cares about his customers. I trust him & his mechanical work enough to buy a 2nd car from his shop...this time something a little less practical, a BMW X1 for my wife.

Mahalo nui loa... #baroneliteNoKaOi

Fiona W.

This is an amazing example of how businesses should be. From the initial interaction with Aaron I had nothing but great care and professionalism but also none of the hard drive salesman pitch that one usually experiences.
Even after i bought the car I was able to get help and guidance that would surpass anyone's expectations.
I would and will recommend Baron Elite to anyone who is looking for a good used car at a  price that is fair and reasonable .and from someone who is also willing to help if needed.

Jay J.

Wonderful place and wonderful car and wonderful price and wonderful people! My English is not very good but the staff always tried to let me understand. The atmosphere is super old school. It's not like a regular dealer because it's like a car collection warehouse. I found my Miata here!

Andrea P.

My father in law recently bought a BMW from this place and it was really nice! Picking it up it was making a weird noise and the guy who works there was more than willing to repair what was broken. As we were taking it home it broke down, we called the same guy and he came right away apologized then fixed it. Now it runs perfectly! Even though we had a few mechanical issues the fact that the guy fixed it without hesitation really meant a lot. Overall I would definitely recommend this dealer to anyone who is looking for a car.

Christine (Via Cargurus)

My family and I met Arian at Baron Elite last Friday. We were looking for my sons first car. Arian was so honest in telling us that this car may not be the right choice for a first time driver. After taking this car for a test drive, I too realized that this car had far too much power for a new driver. We were completely amazed that he would put our son's safety over a sale. We will be returning when we are ready for our next car! We highly recommend Baron Elite for your car shopping experience. We have never met a person with so much integrity! Thank you Arian!


1 - Arian was great. Very helpful and accommodating Love the car He even got it detailed for me. Net me on a Sat so I could pick it up. Highly recommend him


2 - Arian is great. Highly recommend d him. Very accommodating and helpful. Even arranged to have my purchased car detailed. It looked brand new! I will have him look for cars for me in the future

Martin N.

Car are in good condition
Interior clean
Overall good guy
If your looking for a good car at a great price got to hit him up

Jose G.

I found My mini cooper s on car gurus and the car was priced reasonable i stopped by to see it and fell in love with the car , Arian a good honest man from Baron elite made sure the car was in a perfect condition, the car had a few mechanical issues and he took charge right away and sent it to mini for repairs and maintenance and the car came back in a perfect condition a few days later and still sold it to me at the same price wich was a good solid price I didn't mind paying. I will definently buy my next car from Baron elite

Michael L.

I purchased my 328i from Arian, honest guy and didn't pressure me in to buying the car and treated me like a Friend. Very patient with the bank and understandable guy. I would highly recommend Baron Elite to anyone looking to purchase a Vehicle.

Matthew H.

Arian Hosseini will take care of you as a professional should.  You will not be disappointed with his customer service and knowledge of automobiles.  When I drove my car home, I noticed that the radio was wigging out.  I called Arian, and he immediately ordered for a replacement and installed it a few days later in minutes.  All at no cost, even though I bought the car "AS IS".  I would recommend Baron Elite to all my friends and family.  Arian will treat you right!

Daniel K.

Baron Elite has Elite in the name for reason. From car quality to service I honestly don't think you will ever find any car dealership better than Baron Elite. Arian inspects the cars and does a thorough job explaining and helping in any way he can. Even though he runs a business it does not hinder the fact that Arian is more than willing to help you find a car.
I have seen first hand how well he handles his customers and he honestly enjoys helping others find a safe and clean car for you to drive.

I cannot stress enough how well he has kept his cars and how much effort he puts in to the cars before he sells them to insure that they are up to his standards. Personally when looking at other cars from other dealerships or online I was skeptical of the quality and the pricing for the car. Let me tell you Baron Elite has cars worthy of the price he sells them for.

If your looking for a car especially around the inland empire I doubt you'll find any place as good as Baron Elite

Chris C.

Just got the deal of a lifetime from Arian at Baron Elite. Customer service was excellent.  He even let me borrow a bmw to feed my crazy kids while he changed the oil on the car I bought. I will definitely recommend baron elite to anyone in need of a luxery used car.

Ziggy M.

I moved from Paris to San Fracisco on December 2016 and i searched the whole nation for en e46 M3 and a e39 m5. I did this for 2 months trying to get my head straight on how i could transport the vehicle and do all the paper work as well, not being from this country i had no idea on how the process worked.
I saw Arian's Baron Elite website on Carfax when i was scrolling through their inventory and "found the CAR".
I picked up the phone and called him to see if it was available and ask another bunch of questions. He picked up immediately and was there to answer all of my annoying questions and he was impeccable.
I told him i would be making up my mind end of feb beginning of March and he totally understood. No pressure! After thinking about it i called him back 2 days later and asked if i could get a FaceTime video call so as to see the car as my wife is 9 months pregnant and i couldn't risk not being there.
He was so happy to help and arranged for a Facetime as requested. He had also blocked the car as 2 other people from the area wanted to see the car and maybe drive home with it that day. I saw the car, liked it, trusted Arian, so i didn't even do a PPI or inspect it in any way apart fro the FaceTime. I wanted it so he helped me arrange the paper work; sent it over night, i signed, sent him the money, and he helped find a transporter. Everything was done by him for me and i got my car TODAY after 4 days. That is what i call service when you know room and board will take 2 weeks to ship a coffee table!!!
This guy is awesome!! I did an inspection today having received it and everything is more than perfect for an M3 e46 with 103 thousand miles on it. I have not had this kind of service in a while with a genuine friendly laid back person and someone who really cares about his customers and vehicles.
I highly recommend using this dealership!! Sorry for the long review but i thought it was worth it.

Eric D.

My girlfriend and I recently purchased an Audi A3 from Arian and Baron Elite. I'm sure most you reading this know, that purchasing and searching for a vehicle can be quite the headache especially when it comes to finding a reliable car lott or dealership to purchase from. We originally stumbled across Baron Elite and the car of our dreams online. Upon our first call of inquiry,Arian was very polite and informative to all our car questions and concerns. Which prompted us days later to drive from Los Angeles to his Upland location. We never felt like we were being sold a car, from our test drive, to finalizing our paperwork and registration, we never felt like we were being pressured. Arian is a genuine guy and he made us feel completely comfortable and at ease towards our shopping experience every step of the way. We definitely recommend
Arian and Baron Elite to anyone in search
of there next vehicle.

Mark B.

Bought a car from Arian, and it not only looked good but it ran great! I'm cautious about purchasing used cars.
I would recommend anyone that's looking for a reliable vehicle to go directly to these guys. They walked me through every aspect of car buying and educated me beyond any dealership that I've ever gone to. They treated me like family and I'll definitely use them again for my vehicle needs. Thx guys.

Xavier M.

If you want a nice car with no surprises and a great person to talk to, this is the place to go.
I have never had such a great customer service and just great understanding from anyone in a while. I trusted Arian so much i didn't even ask for a PPI. We FaceTimed and i saw what i needed to see and he showed me what there was to see. NO SURPRISES apart from being so flawless in his work and approach! I received my car today! It looks great, better than on FaceTime or on the High Def pics he took for me! I couldn't be happier right now! He handled the paper work for the DMV, SMOG, and found a transporter to bring it here in San Francisco all in 4 days work. Knowing you order a coffee table from Room and Board and it takes them 7 to 14 days to deliver they delivered a freaking car ASAP. I can actually call this guy a friend!!
Keep up the good work and your genuine friendliness Arian.

Lishelle M.

I recently purchased a BMW from Arian with Baron Elite and am completely satisfied with the customer service and car. Arian is a sincere and honest salesman and that is hard to find in the sales business. There was no pressure and he made sure we were comfortable before the purchase. The process was smooth and easy. If you are looking for an awesome and affordable car dealership without the pushy sales person go to Baron Elite, you will  be glad you did. Thanks Arian for taking great care of us yesterday.

Jon S.

Arian Baron is an AWESOME guy! I got a beautiful Mini Cooper S R53 a few weeks ago for a great price and I absolutely love the car. The owner is an honest entrepreneur with immense knowledge on the cars he sells, especially BMW (Mini). I like to take my time to get emotions out of the way when buying in order to make a rational decision. He is such a kind individual that he set out a few guidelines for buying a Mini, whether it was with him or not. He truly buys great cars that are going to sell because of their appearance and consumer satisfaction. I even went in a couple of weeks after to seek some advice on the car and felt completely welcomed. Never have I had such an easy time buying a car and trusting the saleman.

Thanks Arian,
- Jon

Tracey D.

October 2016...
Purchased a green VW Beetle.  2006 with 48,000+ miles.  I live about 2 hours away from this location and Arian graciously texted with me the entire time until I was comfortable enough to take the "drive".  I had a friend who lived in Upland meet Arian and test drive the car prior to committing.  My husband and I drove to Upland, bought the car and drove home.  Within 2 hours I realized that something was wrong with the antenna on the car.  Took the car into Volkswagen and they wanted ... and I am not joking ...  $496 for the parts and $450 to install it.  I flipped out and texted Arian.  He told me he would get back to me.  Within hours, he contacted me, told me he would buy the parts online and I would have to drive back to him and he would fix it.  So - yesterday - he got the parts, we drove up and within 30 minutes he had replaced the part.  All for under $100 (I believe) as Arian did not charge me.  Absolutely INSANITY.  But this testimonial shows what this company and owner/salesman Arian (Baron Elite) offers.  Thanks for my wonderful car!  Love it!!!

Alex R.

One of the best experience ever. This guy knows what he's talking about. I've been to this place over and over again eye balling a white e31 that I now own. He made it quick and simple I really recommend him to anyone looking for an affordable car.

Mimi C.

My husband and I hear about Arian from a friend and we started texting him. He is a stand up guy. He found my daughter the perfect 2006 Volkswagen Jetta. She loves it. It's perfect for her first car. We will definitely go back. He knows his stuff about cars.

Caroline B

Dealing with Baron Elite was an absolute pleasure. A small business with big service. His cars are well priced compared to the market and I will definitely come back next time I am searching for a used car.

Mo B.

Everyone secretly dreads dealing with car salesmen however dealing with these guys was an absolute pleasure. I would definitely come back.

John C.

Thank you Mr Barron.    For a  Great 1990  Bmw 325... with a stick !.   And that's  all my son. Really Care about ... is the  STICK to shift it and go...

Andrea A.

We just bought an F350 from baron elite. We worked out a deal with Arian. He was very professional and held his integrity the whole time. We are convinced to do future business with him, including having him sell one of our vehicles for us. If you want a good deal and a guy you can trust, see Arian at Baron Elite. He is the owner.

Timothy S.

When purchasing a vehicle youre always worried that you may be ripped offed. You worry that someone is trying to dish off a vehicle with unmentioned problems. You won't have those problems here.

The owner here is very knowledgeable about vehicles and very thoughout. This let's you know that any vehicle he has acquired has been fully inspected.

I would recommend this dealership to anyone!

Carlos C.

Very professional. Our car sold quickly for our asking price. Highly recommend Baron Elite.

Cameron R.

Baron Elite is fantastic. Just bought my first car from Arian, who is a very generous man and a wealth of knowledge. 10 out of 10!

Taylor A.

I couldn't be happier with the car, he his a guy who truly cares about his customer and goes out of his way to help you in whatever you need. I am so happy with everything he did from waking up at 6 in the morning over there to contact my bank to do the paper work because i lived in Chicago from taking care of any problem we came across. i will differently call him whenever i look to buy a car again. He's not just someone i bought a car from, he's someone i will call my friend for live
Thanks for everything Couldn't be happier with my mustang

Clay M.

We met Arian while doing a job for a neighboring business. Went in looking for some trucks for my companies fleet and Arian did not have what we needed, but was more than happy to give us information on fair pricing and put us on a list to find the specific trucks for us. Thank you for the advice and hospitality!

Hossain A.

After 4 months of searching for a reasonable Toyota truck, I was going to give up. Fortunately, I contacted Baron Elite and within three weeks, he found me a great truck within my budget. The truck, has low mileage, runs great and I enjoy driving it every day. I would definitely recommend him help you purchase an automobile. Thank you, Arian for finding me a great work truck.

Kimmie S.

We recently purchased a Mini Cooper S from Baron Elite. We live in Idaho but had been searching nationwide for a vehicle and located this Mini Cooper on Craigslist in California. We contacted Baron Elite to find out more details. They were very helpful in answering all of our questions, performed a live "face time" walk around the vehicle and offered to drive the vehicle to a mechanic of our choosing for inspection. Arian, with Baron Elite, removed the "fear factor" of long-distance purchases of a large ticket item. The Mini Cooper arrived yesterday and was exactly as promised! The transportation and delivery of the vehicle went smoothly and we are thrilled with our new car! We would highly recommend Baron Elite of Upland, CA and will be contacting them when we need our next vehicle!

Thanks for everything!


I was looking for a car for my son for more than 2 weeks and have been monitoring craigslist for a good car within our budget. It was very frustrating! Some will post items that were misleading, owners does not post honest information about the cars posted and some are just trying to cheat on you. A few days ago I found this posting from Baron Elite of a "99 Subaru Forester which I really love! I called the number in the site and I was able to talk with Arian. He was very formal and you can tell that he is an honest man. I made arrangements to see the car posted and everything went smoothly. No hassle. I was very well taken cared of. My wife and I were so impressed with how Arian do business. I'm right, he is an honest man to the point that he told us the defects in the units we checked and he was very kind to have all our concerns, like request to have the AC of the Forester fixed even though we were buying an As Is car.

The car that we bought, "99 Subaru Forester was exceptionally true to the description posted on Craigslist and the condition was beyond I could ask for, for a car that old. Very well reconditioned and still sold at a very reasonable price! I cannot imagine I bought a car that runs and drives like a new car! I'm very happy to have bought this car and I know my son will be happy to get this car as his graduation gift!

I'm recommending to everyone who wants to buy used car to buy you car here at Baron Elite. Arian, the owner is always available and will go beyond the usual "business" of selling cars. He is a very honest man, very accommodating and will always go out of his way to give the best service to everyone. I ended up not only being a client but I became a friend to this very wonderful young man.

I hope, you will also experience my best experience in buying a used car.

Candise R.

I received substantial guidance and concern from Baron Elite automotive sales! The transmission in my '02 Honda civic ex was having an issue that no one seemed to understand, including the Honda dealership. After going through several car shops and dealerships, it was suggested that I purchase a new vehicle or a new transmission. I received vague and different information concerning my transmission, and no real advice on what to do about it. It wasn't until I considered, through recommendation, the Baron Elite shop that I found unquestionable support. They offered to check out my Honda so that they could find the real problem before recommending anything. Once they found the real issue they suggested that I take different steps before considering a purchase. They could have proposed that I look at their selling vehicles because they are an auto sales shop, but they didn't. They are seemingly eager/zealous to assist people and their cars... Not sure why they are so helpful, but I do know that for the first time I was NOT treated like a typical sale. They happily depicted the issue and revealed it to me in order legitimise their advise. Now, my Honda is on track for repair. I've never experienced anything like it with vehicle services! More shops need to look to them for modelling excellency!

Bobby J.

I Purchased a Mercedes S500 Benz at Baron Elite Automotive it was a very Pleasant deal Great car Great Deal Great Salesmanship I am already in the process of purchasing another vehicle from Arian. He's a straight up salesman upfront no B-s-ing

Dessa D.

I bought a Subaru from Arian a week ago and LOvE it! In fact I stopped by the shop today to pick up something I had left behind and he replaced a fog light for me free of charge! Baron elite is a gem of a shop with great customer service, and used cars offered at a reasonable price. I will buy all of my future cars from there.

Saeideh A.

We had a great experience with Baron Elite. The owner, Arian was very honest and upfront. Saved us time and money. I would recommend Baron Elite without any reservation and will definitely be back when we need another car. Thank you for helping us find a VW for our son.

Tim S.

Very Professional and business oriented. It was a excellent car dealer experience. I got the car i was looking for at a great buy and the wife is happy! Thanks again Arian.

Debra Q.

Great Experience! I wasn't sure what to expect and when I got to Arian's warehouse I was impressed. Arian makes you feel at home and allows you to take your time and enjoy the experience of purchasing a vehicle. He even had homemade chocolate éclair's waiting for me when I came into the office to complete the paperwork. Thank you Arian! I will be checking with Arian for any other future auto purchases.

Jeff P.

What a great experience we had here at Baron Elite.  Arian is down to earth and cares more for the customer than he does the sale.  He was great to work with and I will definitely buy more cars from him in the future (keep an eye out for the F-250 Arian ;-)).  If you are in the market for a car and want to not only be treated like family but given a great price on the car, go see Arian.  Thanks Arian for the car and your friendship.

Joshua F.

Well how to begin the review... Arian was a interesting guy when i met him. Very calm and mellow and very patient. Any question you have for him, he will answer with all honesty if he knows it. If he does not, he goes and finds out for you. As well gives you every detail he can find about the car you are wanting to buy. Well, thanks to him, I was able to buy my very first car with no issues on his behalf (and even waited patiently for me to get everything figured out from the credit union and all the issues they were giving me..). He was getting offers all day on the car, as well for more, but he still kept his word and stayed true with the deal we had arranged. He is an excellent person and very true to his word (which is hard to come by from any dealership). I would buy my next used car and highly recommend anyone to purchase from him. Excellent smooth business and makes you feel very comfortable with all the steps involved with everything explained thoroughly. Thank you again Arian!

Steve S.

I had an older Mitsubishi Galant that was totalled on the freeway here in Upland.  I went to Arian looking for a new car and ended up finding a super nice 2014 Nissan Sentra at Nissan.  He couldn't get me the car but helped me negotiate terms on my car.  My fear of being taken advantage of by a strange dealer was removed thanks to Arian,  thank you bro!! I will definitely be coming back!

Sarkis M.

If you find this place, feel lucky. Arian helped me when most dealers simply wouldn't. If you've ever heard this before I'll buy you lunch: I went to him with a broken-down trade-in. For lack of a nicer term, I was ready to get hosed on the deal. With a move out of left field Arian had MY car repaired by diesel mechanics, and the fix was cheap. He sold the car I wanted in the meantime because it was too good to last, but at least my car is running! I'm happily and patiently waiting for Arian to find the perfect car for me. I highly recommend anyone to buy a car from Arian.

Audrey G.

Arian runs an excellent business. He knows what he is talking about, is very honest, and makes the buying process very smooth and easy. I would buy a car from him again in the future. My husband and I are not very mechanical when it comes to cars, so when we had questions about the car we were looking at, he was very helpful. Definitely recommend!

Levi A.

After searching for a new truck for several months it was a big relief to find Baron Elite. Not only was the truck I purchased in outstanding condition all other cars in this dealers collection look great. Arian is very honest and extremely fair with his pricing. The paperwork process was very simple. If anyone in my family is looking for a car or truck I would have no hesitation to have them contact Arian. This was the best vehicle purchasing experience I have had.

Cosmo D.

Bought my first car two days ago from Baron Elite! Arian was such great help and took great car of us. If you need to buy a car with great, patient customer service call Arian! 10/10 service. 2008 Jetta thanks Arian!

Frank and Sara

My family and I needed an upgrade and we found a great one here. The service was great and so was the price.

Tim and Janice

My husband and I bought a RAV4 from this dealer.  It had only 21,000 miles on it.  It's an awesome vehicle, and he gave us a killer deal on it.  Went to a few other dealers, but none of them could beat his price.  I would definitely recommend this dealer to my family and friends.  In fact, I am going to suggest this place to my dad.  Dad bought my mom a Chevy Malibu, and not long after my mom passed away.  Dad doesn't really drive it anymore.  It only has 22,000 miles on it, so I'm going to let my dad know about this place.  Maybe he can sell it and get something he wants. I found this dealer to be very trustworthy and professional.  Next time we are in the market for another vehicle, we will check his inventory first.  My husband and I are so happy with our RAV4.  Our growing family really needed a family car, and this dealer made us a very affordable deal.